Get yourself subscribed to Hubdoc if you’re using Xero

Are you using Xero? Are you scanning receipts every month? Are you VAT registered?

If the answer is yes, then you definitely need to be using Hubdoc.

Hubdoc is free for Xero users.

All hail the receipt-scanning app. They have cut bookkeeping time in half.

Receipt-scanning apps exploded onto the market in recent years and they are a genius bit of software.

Bookkeepers love them because they make their life significantly easier. Business owners like them because they make everything quicker and therefore, cheaper.

A quick example of how they work – You buy a coffee. You take a photo with your app. Press send. It ‘reads’ the information and populates it through to Xero. The bookkeeper does the final check. And it’s done. Even the VAT is separated out.

Receipt Bank (now re-branded to Dext) had previously led the market and charged approx. £12 per month for basic subscription. But then in early 2020 Xero released Hubdoc and made it free for Xero users.

If you’re one of the many who pay for a Xero subscription every month, then Hubdoc will be completely free for you (applicable to Starter, Standard and Premium subscriptions). Saving you approx. £15 per month.

This makes Hubdoc is a must-have for Xero users. Plus, it includes some added wizardry –

‘Invoice Fetch’ is a feature that will connect to your online suppliers (like Dropbox) and withdraw the bills electronically, every time a new bill is issued. It will push the bill through to Hubdoc where you’re bookkeeper will give it the final checks and send it through to Xero.

Bookkeepers will not have to come and bother you for copies of bills, and operations will work significantly faster and more efficiently.

Connecting Xero to digital applications is something we believe in and can manage for you.

If you’d like a little help with setting up digital integrations for your finances, then get in touch.

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