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Why You Should Be Using Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a must-have for your business

Receipt Bank is revolutionary piece of software when it comes to the books.

Ask any accountant or bookkeeper – they’ll nod enthusiastically if you mention Receipt Bank.

This nifty little piece of software takes a photo of your receipt and sends it directly to your accounting software. Not only that, but it will extract the date, amount and VAT too.

If you’re VAT registered, then it’s a must.

It’s a simple process – get the app on your phone, take the photo and press ‘send’. A final check from your bookkeeper and it auto-populates through to the books at the click on a button.

For the final cherry on the cake it will attach the photo of the receipt to the transaction itself in the records.

It drastically cuts admin time and improves efficiency.

Here are 5 reasons why using Receipt Bank will benefit your business:

It Saves Time

Hours can be spent by your bookkeeper entering the data from each receipt. Receipt Bank makes everything significantly quicker – more time, less cost.

It Works for PDFs

Do you get your bills in PDF’s attached to emails? Yes? Simply forward them on to receipt bank and they will populate through to Xero or QuickBooks. It’s literally that simple.

It Keeps Everything Digital

This method means that your receipts are kept digitally within the software itself – which is excellent practice. No need for huge paper-filing systems. It’s all there neat & tidy up in the cloud.

It Streamlines Your Administration

Modern and simple, this method of submitting your accounting data is easy to get the hang of. You don’t have to drop in your shoe-box of receipts to the bookkeeper. Or sit down with a vast pile of receipts to input yourself. It gets done right there at the touch of a button.

Less Room for Error

With the digital information stored in your software means it’s easy to reference. The upshot will mean that your accounts team can ensure the data is correct and your accounts will reflect accurate figures.

Finding the right software apps that work for your business is key to your productivity. We work with award-winning companies and SME’s across Cornwall – if you’d like some guidance or support with your bookkeeping, then get in touch.

Sign up with Receipt Bank – Prices start from £10.00 per month

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